Subject(s): “I’m interested in [Product Name]” or “RFQ for [Product Name]”

Hello [Potential supplier] (Note: use their given name if you have it),

I’m (your name) the procurement manager for [company name], and I’m interested in receiving a quote for

[write a few short sentences about your product] or paste the link of product if you choose from amazon

[In a new block, create a bulleted list containing materials, colors, and other basic attributes. Keep it short and simple]
If you manufacture

, please email me more information to [your email]
In your response, include:

  • Pictures of the product, and a photo of (note: the detail can be anything make sure it forces them to use pictures taken for you and not found elsewhere
  • The Minimum Order Quantity
  • The price at the MOQ and [some other amount] (Note: I find that getting 2 prices for different quantities lets you know their flexibility on a price and helps in negotiations later on)
  • [the price to make any changes or customization that you want] (be specific on this part, but you can skip it if you want a product as-is)
  • What is the shipping cost of sending a sample?
  • The Closest port (note the port should be close to where they claim they are located if you’re dealing with a factory; if it’s too far, be cautious)
  • Also mentioned Exw$, FOB$ and DDP$ prices
  • Production time (1 mnth to 45 days preferred )
  • What is the dimensions of each box and quantity of products in each box.

Thanks, we look forward to hearing back from you!

[your name]
Procurement manager
[Company name]

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