Apple had two big missions with the iPhone14 lineup and it seems like both of them failed. In fact, Apple wanted to depend less on Samsung when it comes to their OLED screens, which is why initially the iPhone14 lineup’s OLED panels were coming from BoE (a Chinese tech company famous for producing electronic devices parts), LG and Samsung, where Samsung was just mainly supplying for the Pro iPhone14 models. But now that plan is ruined because BoE fumbling the bag once again. By making the  change to the display design that Apple didn’t like, which is why they stopped their production and gave all the orders to Samsung for not just the Pro iPhone14 models, but also the standard iPhone14 and iPhone14 Max.

Korean media is now reporting that Samsung is gearing up to ship an estimated 80 million OLED panels for the iPhone14 lineup. 38 million OLED panels will be for the iPhone14 and the 14 Max, while the rest of them will go for the Pro iPhone14 and the Pro Max. This is a big revenue win for the Samsung. Indeed Apple would have gotten a better deal when it comes to money with BoE, but now they have to pay more to Samsung and this is a big loss for the Apple which they have announced officially. Finally, someone has stopped Apple from making extra for their Lightning port in the future, because now it’s official that by 2024 all smart phones will have USBC port in Europe.  Seeing this great move, even the US can implement this law, the home of apple.  Having a common charging port for all tech devices is great for the environment, a fantastic way to decrease e-waste, and of course once again stopping companies from making selfish money. Apple’s whole plan was to use the lightning port for as long as possible and then remove any type of port on at least one of the iPhone14 models. But, of course, that did not happen. Apple was seeking to save maximum in this fiasco, but it’s not there yet. It’s not even happening anytime soon, even next year. So, get ready for USB C iPhones in 2024.

Now speaking of 2024, it seems like Apple will be inspired heavily by what Samsung does with their ultra flagship phones. According to this latest info coming from Hightong Tech research, Apple is indeed looking to bring a periscope zoom setup exclusive to the iPhone15 Pro Max model, making it even more exclusive to the features similar to what Samsung does with their ultra phones. Meaning we might not see this periscope zoom on the standard iPhone15 Pro model. One of the suppliers for the zoom lens is Lante Optics and they have reportedly increased their capacity of prism glass significantly, which is a sign that they could be working on providing the zoom lens for the iPhone15 Pro Max model next year.

So this is great news for Samsung indeed and, of course, great news for all tech fans because USBC is finally coming to all tech devices. Hence, we’ll be able to charge all of our devices by just using one common charger.

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